Hello, my name is Esther and I´m wedding photographer. I am the daughter of Matilde and Jose Luis, and sister of Ruth Cruz, who was born so we could meet because they met first. I am 20 years old in Torrelavega, a few months in Barcelona, a summer in the Pyrenees; a couple of years in Italy and another in Santander; 3 more years in Bilbao and 5 years in Castañeda: 32 in total.


Pablo is my partner and my favorite living person. I saw it by chance 3 or 4 years ago, but I found it forever in August 2016. We live between the river Pisueña and the house of Pepe, in a neighborhood of 3 houses plus ours.


We tell the stories of your weddings with images. As they happen, there are no posses that day. However, I co-direct you a little in pre-wedding and post-wedding sessions. Not ridiculous poses, just walk together and hold each other on. I prefer when couples do not look at the camera, most people put on a terrible photo-face (especially me!).


I can hardly boast about anything, but I know that I do not bother while I´m working. At weddings we never intervene. I just photograph what happens.


I don´t have a magic camera that takes emotional photos. Nobody has it. A wedding is a planned staging with a lot of affection for you, for some people who love you and for the professionals who participate in the organization of your day, so that exciting situations occur. My job is to frame all those moments (in addition to a thousand details) adjust diaphragms, exposure times and sensor sensitivity to get the best out of the Light that is in each of those moments. Sometimes this light is very low, for example in some rooms or when it gets dark and we depend on artificial lighting. That's why I work with full frame and very bright optics, both fixed and zoom (f / 1.4-2.8). I only use the flash in some moments of the dance, and always in a creative way, generating paths of lights around people. These photos give a very nice movement sensation.


If you are looking for a wedding photographer, take a look around the web. I have tried to include all the possible information so as not to waste your time. I hope you like it!


See you soon,



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